What is publications.li?

publications.li is a portal dedicated to academic publications. It offers three services:

Upgrade of blue.publications.li September 2014

Blue, the web-based real-time collaborative LaTeX editor of publications.li has been upgraded to BlueLatex v1.0.0. For feedback, please use the tracker of Github <https://github.com/gnieh/bluelatex> or the blue-users mailing list <http://lists.gnieh.org/mailman/listinfo/blue-users>. To access the sources of your previous papers, simply use the following URL: http://blue-backup.publications.li/<paper_id>/ for instance http://blue-backup.publications.li/u4ccf517b4afab/ Happy LaTeX, –Martin

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The History of BlueLatex

BlueLatex is a real-time collaborative Latex editor (try it on Blue) BlueLatex has a long history. In 2009, prototypes were written in PHP to explore the ideas of writing Latex code in a browser and automated compilation on the server. With the discovery of the collaborative editor Gobby and later mobwrite, Martin hacked a first …

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blue.publications.li: an open-source collaborative LateX web editor

Hi all, We are about to open-source the code of blue.publications.li. This would be the first real time collaborative LateX editor going open-source. It will be called \Blue (backslash-blue), the backslash being rooted in TeX. In short: – the code will be published with an Apache-like licence – the project will be hosted on Github, …

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The architecture of BlueLaTeX

Hi all, you may wonder how blue.publications.li runs? Well it consists of a software application called BlueLaTeX. BlueLaTeX has two main components. The server side software is responsible of two things. First sharing the text changes in real-time between co-authors, this is done in Python using the excellent mobwrite. Second, it compiles the LaTeX documents, …

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